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Treatment Focuses and Specialties

    -  Grief Counseling and Grief Groups

    -  Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Disorders

    -  Improving Relationships   

-  Stress Management

-  ADHD and Learning Disability Assessments

-  Assertiveness or Communication Skills Coaching

-  Struggles with Transitions 


I work with each client using a blend of approaches and interventions that are most appropriate to the individual, situation, and worldview.

In therapy, I evaluate my clients' understanding of themselves, relationships, physical health, and systems in which they live (i.e., work, relationships with nature, religious institutions, school, etc.) so I can individualize treatment instead of just using a "one size fits all" therapy approach. I also make sure to attend to my client's mind, body, and spirit throughout therapy. It is my belief that if any of those facets of life are not healthy, then the person may not be functioning to his or her full potential. 

If needed, I am open to suggesting appropriate medical referrals to rule out any biological reasons for the presenting problem, and support the client's desire to use complementary medicine such as meditation, massage, and acupuncture. My goal for those who wish to use medications is to have a collaborative relationship with his or her psychiatrist and other medical health professionals.

ADHD/Learning Disability Assessments

Individuals who want to understand the nature of their, or their child's, difficulties focusing, behavior, concentrating, learning (reading, writing, math, etc.), organizing, procrastinating, losing things, motivation, and getting tasks and schoolwork started or completed can request an ADHD/learning disability assessment. A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment will help identify the nature of your or your child's difficulties and provide suggested ways to improve functioning, while also providing the required documentation to get helpful accommodations in work, school, and higher education.

Rates, Payments and Insurance

My current rates for sessions are as follows:

Initial Assessment – $225 per Hour

Individual Therapy – $175 per Hour

Couple's Therapy – $225 per Hour

Coaching – $125 per Hour

Learning disability or ADHD Assessments (Standard) – $3,500 

(Includes Initial Diagnostic Interview, Testing, Feedback Session and Comprehensive Report)

Custom Psychological or Personality Assessment – Fee Based on Required Tests Used

Note: A sliding-scale fee is used in the most unusual circumstances. Please feel free to discuss any financial concerns during your initial consultation session with me.

I accept cash, check, and major credit cards. HSA and FSA cards are also accepted.

 At this time, I do not accept any medical insurances. However, if you have them, out of network benefits may be used. I will provide you with the appropriate documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

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