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Find Support Through Your Loss

Christina Zampitella, Psy.D., FT

Whatever is necessary to improve your life, your relationships, and your mood is the focus of my work. I offer you individualized, compassionate, effective, and confidential services so you can overcome those obstacles keeping you from feeling fulfilled and happy. I also offer specialized bereavement support groups that take an integrative approach to healing. My philosophy is to provide you the best opportunity for growth and transformation with the highest level of skill. The office environment is soothing and discrete, creating an atmosphere of serenity and privacy.

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Services offered

Individual Psychotherapy

Treatment is individualized based upon my understanding of the client. All aspects of a client, the mind, body and spirit are attended to.

ADHD/Learning Disability Assessments

A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment will help identify the nature of your or your child's difficulties and provide suggested ways to improve functioning.

Grief Groups

Groups designed to provide a healing, supportive, and professionally guided environment to help you move forward with the grieving process.

Blog Posts

Grief and The Holidays

When you have lost a loved one, whether it was this year or 10 years ago, the holidays can sometimes be difficult to face.

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Can We Heal Grief?

Everyone's grieving process is different. Moving forward takes time.

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How Do You Know If Your Grief Is Complicated?

All grief has its complications. The way you experience your grief is dependent upon so many details.

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300 Creek View Rd., Suite 101 A

Newark, DE 19711



Mon-Weds: 10am - 5pm
Thurs: 10am - 4pm

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